JCI Rajahmundry New Horizons

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“Every win deserves celebations, not because its a win but for all the hard work that went behind that victory”

Let me take a bow! And a moment of pride🥳🥳🥳.

Dear members of esteemed lom JCI RJY NEW HORIZONS

WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY WELCOMED 9 new members on board for which we won National President Jc. Rakhi Jain mam recognisations.

We fulfilled the criteria of 1 lady jcee induction
+ 4 Jcees

In the 50k membership drive that started on June 1st-30th June

Thankyou beloved members for your trust and strengthening of the chapter’s growth & development🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻

I dedicate this new title “STAR LOM PRESIDENT” to our entire team for its continuous support and rocking energy.

Guys!! You are one amazing team that I always wished to work together with. 🥰🥰🥰🥰.


IPP Jc. Mangesh sir

Past lom secretary Jc. Surya Sandeep garu

Past President jc. Phani garu

Past President Jc Akruti garu

Our past ZVP Jc Das Teja garu

Our charter president Jc. Vishnu Kaki garu

For your immense support and guidance since the day I took my role as president

I heart fully thank our lom advisor and our pedda anna garu- Jc. Anup Jain garu.

There are many more factors that made this team rise and shine at zone 4 and today at National level…

Let’s keep the energy going on and hit more such milestones of 2021.

Your President 2021
Jc HGF Sudhamayi 

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