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YOU CAN SEE!! AND WE MEAN IT WHEN WE SAY YOU ARE *VERY* FORTUNATE *BECAUSE* NOT EVERYONE IS AS BLESSED!!IS THERE SOMETHING WE CAN DO FOR THEM?? YES WE CAN!!!BY PLEDGING TO DONATE OUR EYES!!AND TWO PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH OUR EYES LONG AFTER WE ARE GONEMAKE YOUR EYES *ALIVE* AFTER DEATHLET’S PLEDGE TO DONATE EYES🙏🏻🙏🏻NETRADAAN” eye donation drive is an initiative by JCI Kamrup Elite to aware, encourage and motivate people to take a pledge for eye donation.And yess we are fortunate enough to announce that 135 people have pledged for the noble cause . JCI Kamrup Elite is running this drive in collaboration with GMCH eye bank . We conducted our eye donation project on 26 Oct at Gmch eye bank and the event was graced by Dr Abhijit Sharma (superintendent GMCH Guwahati),Dr.Bharati Gogoi(prof and HOD, regional institute of ophthalmology, GMCH Guwahati), Dr.Himanto nath Hazarika( in -charge Gmch eye bank) and Cornea recovery specialists ( Dr Hrishikesh Barua,dr.hirak jyoti Sarnath and Dr . Madhumita Barman). OUR Zd program Sumit Jhawar sir was also present there and happy to share that he has also taken the pledge for Donating eyes!!JC Shilpa Patni Project chairperson JC Gunjan Harlalka President

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