JCI CEBU (Cebu Jaycees)

The great Black Mamba said it best: “Hard work outweighs talent — every time.” We have put serious thought and ideas to build our leadership theme for 2022. So get up from that bed, stretch up, and get them soles ready, as in just a matter of time, BIG THINGS ARE COMING.In 2022, #BIGTHINGSARECOMING becomes our mentality — as we are to be guided by the meaning that our Coat of Arms & Leadership Logo carry.In 2022, we celebrate not only the greatness of the past 74 years but also the bigger things to come for the future of our JCI movement.To propel us on our mission to build up a stronger, more sustainable & bigger future for the years ahead of JCI Cebu, the brotherhood adopts this Coat of Arms & Leadership Logo to be tattoed in our arms and hearts for the chapter’s 74th year—and beyond!

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