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To date, JCI (Junior Chamber International) is 106 years old only – founded since 1915 in St Louis, by Henry Giessenbier.

JCI is a worldwide leadership development organization for young people aged 18 to 40

Fun fact of famous JCI Members & Alumni- Six Japan Prime Ministers- Five United States Presidents- Three Global Successful Entrepreneurs- Two New Zealand Ministers- One Olympic Gold Medalist* (Drop me a Message if you want the entire list)

The list above is comprised of former leaders of different nations, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, champions of various sports, and even a beauty queen. JCI has nurtured many socially recognized leaders around the globe.

Though they come from different backgrounds and nations, they all have one thing in commonThey are all former members of JCI!JCIMalaysia is a National Organization affiliated with JCI.Currently, there are more than 73 JCI local organizations affiliated with JCI Malaysia, located in various states of Malaysia with over 200,000 young active citizens globally.Every year in October we hold one of the most important events because the National Board of Directors and officers is elected.This year’s 2021 National Convention theme is “The Return of the Legend” which was a 3-day Virtual convention.With 1,106 delegates and an exciting 3 consecutive days, our NGO chapter JCI Lead Tropicana took back 15 awardsArea level –

1. Q3 Top 3 Most Outstanding President Report2. Q3 Most Active Member Award3. Largest Delegation to World Congress4. Largest 1st Timer Delegation to World Congress5. Most Supportive NVPNational Level

1. Top 5 LO Award (51 members and above category)2. 5 Star LO Award3. 100% Efficiency Award4. Best Recruitment and Retention Program – GOLD5. Largest Delegation to World Con6. Most Active Member Award Winner 7. Most Outstanding Commission Chairman AwardE-Award

1. Best of the Best Project Winner (NECC 4.0) 2. Best Local Business and Entrepreneurship Program Award Winner (NECC 4.0)3. Best International Cooperation Project Top 3 Finalist (Global Leadership Exchange – GLE)The privilege to contribute by speaking, sharing, and serving the community is not just fruitful but fulfilling.

Especially those that you nurture win awards for their achievements, It is a very special moment as their hard work, efforts and initiatives materialised.It is their focused mind and indomitable spirit that are key to our continuous success.

They never limit themselves self with a lack mindset, instead, they break the boundaries and move ahead.Best wishes for your future achievements, awards, or acknowledgments in our chapter as well as in your life or business too.

I would like to thank every member and BOD for making this another memorable and meaningful moment for us.Service to Humanity is the best work of life!

Positive Change,James FooJCI LT Charter President

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